Top 6 Best Slow Cookers In India 2020 With Buying Guide


Are you looking to buy the best slow cookers in India? Here are the detailed guide about the top-rating slow cookers in the Indian market and how to choose the right one for you.

An electric slow cooker is simply essential for anyone who enjoys cooking. This very practical appliance allows food to be cooked slowly at low temperatures. It consists of a bowl, an airtight lid and an electric heating element to cook your culinary preparations.

And the electric slow cooker has many advantages! Operating without a hob, very easy to use and efficient, it has established itself as essential for making beef bourguignon, blanquettes, risottos, tagines and many other dishes in particular sauce. And by making family dishes, you will also make big savings!  The investment of an electric slow cooker is therefore very often quickly profitable.

But there are so many references for electric slow cookers that it is often difficult to make a choice. As a home chef, I had the opportunity to meet many people with slow cookers and therefore to give me an opinion on the different models. So I decided to put this experience to good use in this full article.

1. Crock-Pot Scr300Ss 3-Quart Round Manual Slow Cooker-


  • 3-Quart Round Stoneware
  • High, Low And Warm Settings Are Perfect For Making Chilis, Stews, Sauces And More
  • Perfect For Three Or More People Or A Three Pound Roast
  • Dishwasher-Safe Stoneware And Lid
  • Measures Approximately 10.6 By 8.7 By 10.7 Inches

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2. Geek Robocook Automatic Electric Pressure Cooker with 11 in 1 Function-


  • ALL IN ONE Intelligent Cooker
  • ITEM WEIGHT 5 kg 760 g

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3. Nesco SC-150R Oval Slow Cooker, 1.5-Quart, Red-


  • 150-watt heating base
    3 heat settings (High, Low, and Warm)
  • Power indicator light
  • Dishwasher safe ceramic pot and lid
  • Stay cool handles
  • Clear tempered-glass lid with vent hole

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4. Hamilton Beach 33140V 4-Quart Slow Cooker-


  • Dishwasher safe stoneware & lid for fast, easy cleanup
  • 4 settings include off, low, high & warm
  • Perfect size for a 4 lb chicken or two 2 lb roasts
  • Stoneware is stainproof and removable for tabletop serving
  • Stoneware is suitable for refrigerator storage

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5. Star Wars 2-Quart Slow Cooker-


  • 2-quart capacity 
  • Variable cook settings (Low, High and Warm)
  • Removable round stoneware insert
  • Tempered glass lid
  • 110 Watts
  • Steel / plastic / ceramic / glass / heating elements
  • 9 1/4” H x 9 3/4” W x 8 1/4” D

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6. PanSaver EZ Slow Cooker Liners-


  • Pansaver eliminates food-to-hot metal contact preventing moisture from scalding off
  • PanSaver patented contour fit eliminates folds in the liner from trapping servings food does not stick to the PanSaver which reduces waste
  • Makes food safer since food cooked with PanSaver never touches the pan the chance of surface contamination is eliminated
  • Fits 3 to 6-quart slow cookers; 9 by 13-inch oven dishes or standard roasting pans you can also use them to steam vegetables or fish

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Why Buy An Electric Slow Cooker?

Make various dishes-

How about adding a little something new to your regular recipes? Thanks to the recipes for an electric slow cooker, you will be able to re-taste those good old dishes that your grandmother used to prepare in a pressure cooker.

Indeed, the slow cooker makes you rediscover countless tasty and particularly convivial recipes that are now forgotten and replaced by quick meals.

From now on, you can make really delicious, tender and tasty dishes, including simmered meats, vegetable soups, ratatouille, chicken broth, a minestrone or even a garbage. And the recipes will be even more varied with an electric slow cooker as well as some multipurpose models that can simultaneously simmer, sauté, steam, bake cakes, flans and many other recipes.

Saving time-

You save a lot of time when using an electric slow cooker because it does not require any supervision on our part.

Just place the ingredients in the bowl and the appliance will immediately start cooking them without you having to stir or wait for the end of cooking by spending hours in your kitchen.

Especially since you have the possibility of adjusting the intensity of the appliance to 100 ° C for a long cooking of 6 to 10 hours, or 150 ° C for a higher intensity which requires only 4 to 6 hours of cooking. cooking. During this time you can do other daily tasks or even be at the office and greeted with a nice hot meal on your return home in the evening.

How To Choose The Best Slow Cooker?

The capacity-

It is in relation to the capacity of your tank that you will be able to define the number of people to treat with your preparation. For this, note in advance that a meal for one person usually requires a capacity of 1 liter.

The choice of an 8-liter electric slow cooker is therefore essential for a large family of 8 people, while for a single person or a couple, the best alternative is a smaller appliance. However, keep in mind that a smaller bowl will also limit the ability to cook on certain foods, such as a whole chicken that requires at least a 6-liter capacity.

Subsequently, you should also know that a round bowl will be more suitable for the preparation of soups, stews and risotto. If you are more meat, chicken and fish, it would be best to opt for an oval bowl.

The materials-

There are ceramic and glazed stoneware electric slow cookers on the market. They are very good quality materials that ensure a long service life for the appliance, as they are both excellent heat conductors and are dishwasher safe.

Stainless steel electric slow cookers are also good products, but they can cost more compared to other models. On the other hand, avoid looking at models of pans with a non-stick coating, although they appeal to you for their practicality and easy to maintain because they do not leave any leftover food sticking to the bottom of the bowl.

For the lid, the choice of a transparent material such as tempered glass is always better in order to be able to follow the evolution of each cooking. Also, make sure that the model of machine you have chosen is equipped with handles wide enough and perfectly insulating to facilitate their handling.

Options and accessories-

Indeed, there are several additional slow cooker options that may qualify it better than another.

To give you ideas on which model to use for its practicality and ease of use, we advise you, for example, to choose an electric slow cooker with a timer that alerts you when cooking is finished by a bell. Some more modern models even allow the appliance to switch off automatically when the meal is cooked and automatically switch to “keep warm” mode to keep your dish at the right temperature.

Therefore, it is essential that indicator lights inform you when the machine is on, in cooking mode or in reheating mode. And for easy maintenance, it would be best to opt for a device with a tank and removable cover.

These accessories will thus benefit from being put in the dishwasher for greater convenience. The removable bowl will also allow table service as well as independent use on gas, on an electric hob and even in an oven.

The power-

It is often a determining criterion in the choice of a household appliance. And this is also the case for an electric slow cooker. I recommend choosing a slow cooker with a minimum power of 150 watts. Thus, the temperature rise will be faster and the device will be able to manage both high and low temperatures without any problem.  If you want your slow cooker to be able to “sear” food, you will need to turn to a model with more than 800 watts of power.

Ease of maintenance –

An electric slow cooker should be made to save you time, not waste your time cleaning it. So make sure that the bowl and the lid are easily removable, and preferably can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Beyond that, if the bowl is removable, you can serve directly at the table by bringing it or finish your cooking on your hobs or oven.


In the past, electric slow cookers weren’t very pretty. But in recent years, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to offer models with a more modern aesthetic. It is also not uncommon to have a choice of colors. You will therefore inevitably find an appliance that will go perfectly with your kitchen.

The price-

There are electric slow cookers from around fifty euros to more than 200 € (excluding promotion). In any case, avoid low-cost appliances because these slow cookers take a very long time to heat up, handle low temperatures poorly and have a very limited lifespan.

I also noticed that the prices were much cheaper on the Internet. Especially on merchant sites like Amazon which offer very attractive promotions. Conversely, prices are sometimes much higher in stores, especially during certain periods of the year (at the start of the school year or during the holiday season).

The brand-

Not all brands of slow cookers are created equal. Some brands have acquired real know-how in the design of cooking utensils and it is rather consistent to favor them. For me the best brand of electric slow cookers is CrockPot and also more people around the world are adopting this electric slow cooker.

I do not recommend slow cookers from unknown brands. You will have great difficulty finding information about them, not to mention the inability to buy or replace accessories. And what about after-sales service on brands unknown to the general public?

How To Use An Electric Slow Cooker?

First of all, it is very important to carefully read the instructions for use of your electric slow cooker. To cook for the first time, first, clean the cooking bowl. Put hot water in it with a few drops of washing-up liquid so that it can be washed by hand. Dry it and put it back in the appliance box. Once you have chosen the recipe you want to make, prepare the necessary ingredients, wash them thoroughly and cut them into pieces before placing them in the bowl.

Start cooking and choose the right temperature for your preparation. While your dish is cooking, limit the openings in the lid as much as possible to avoid lengthening the cooking time. Remember to unplug the appliance when your meal is cooked through.

How To Maintain A Slow Cooker?

First, wait until the slow cooker has cooled completely before you start cleaning it. You can also remove the bowl from the box to cool it down quickly.

Cleaning can be done in the dishwasher or by hand using water and washing up liquid. A soft cloth previously soaked in soapy water will also be effective in cleaning the inside of the pressure cooker.

Finish the operation by rinsing the bowl with water and drying it with a soft cloth. Avoid at all costs rubbing the inside of the removable bowl with an abrasive sponge or another solid tool so as not to damage it.

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These are all the best slow cookers in India that you can buy directly from amazon India. If you still have any question fell free to comment below on contact. We will be happy to help you.

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